Sunday, 22 June 2014

Vijay Fans celebrate Vijay Birthday

After Super Star Rajinikanth , Actor Vijay has more children fans in Tamil Cinema . Vijay's child children celebrating him as a leader.

Vijay  was introduced in the film Naalaiya Theerppu , do not expect anyone to join such a great height. He earlier served as a guide for the development of her father, director SA Chandrasekhar can not deny that.


Step dancing, acting, action flick to a all learned 'flower for you to shoot him as an actor in Tamil cinema was identified. I'd say the first step to the success of his film.


Vijay introduced in Naalaiya Theerppu . In 1996 Vijay Super Hit movie Poove Unakkaga directed by Vikraman released . This movie is turning point for vijay .


Following the 'Kathalukku Mariyathai', 'Priyamudan' , 'Thullatha Manamum Thullum' different roles in the films that push the fan support was pretending to choose. Alaska verripatai continues in Tamil cinema, a point hit the skids.


Then, in the context of a compelling need for the success of 'Thirumalai' twist was. The romantic hero flick left to right, until then, became an action hero from the film. Vijaykkenru evolved from a mask. What was the name of his hit films. Afterward, Vijay played very carefully choosing his films.


A great dancing, good acting, clear pronunciation, spiced up gradually as the story reaches its peak. Dance is still dancing in the Tamil film heroes, Vijay fans of other heroes agree that there is no one better. Although the directors of the films lead actor Vijay has played sparingly.


At the same time introduced more new directors Vijay is leading young actors. Yesterday, the director of some of the leading actors in the film, saying that it will act as Vijay's character is definitely one to kauravikkappata.


Vijay celebrates his birthday today. Vijay fans celebrated his birthday by millions around the world are celebrating. People have been doing various welfare.


Vijay's birth, he now appears to be directed by Murugadoss 'knife' First Look posters of the film were released. They received overwhelming response to external websites.