Saturday, 21 June 2014

Vijay Birthday: Gold ring for babies born at the hospital tomorrow E.S.I

Vijay Birthday:  Gold ring for babies born at the hospital tomorrow E.S.I

Hospital tomorrow birth child gold ring for vijay birthday
Coimbatore, June 21 -

Actor Vijay's 40 - birthday party is tomorrow. Consequently Youth chief Vijay Vijay charitable organization on behalf of the city of Coimbatore welfare payments, is offering blood donation and sweet.

City youth team, led by Secretary General Kopi tomorrow (Sunday) morning at 6 puliyakulam Vinayagar Temple and 108 coconut breaking special prayer is a special prayer.

Cut the cake in the children's home at 10 am The city offered sweets to children.

Then set Trimmed ring to babies born in the E.S.I hospital tomorrow. At 6 pm and the poor, welfare assistance provided to families. The following 29 - blood donation camp is on file at the state hospital. Next month, 6 - on feed takes place in people's homes.

Then planted saplings. 13 - Free eye camp and free the whole body on the test center, free saree ceremony takes place on 40 transgender. Special pujas are performed in the temple pulled tantumariyamman tankatter. Following school students are free to the ceremony takes place in the shoe.

Preparations for the ceremony led by the head of the executive power of Kobe, Jayakumar, Saravanakumar, hours, Suresh, Vijay Saravanan, Prabhu, Karthik, Satish, Muthuswami, Santosh, Suresh and administrators are doing.


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